Using Meditation To Experience A New Normal

Meditation | Use Meditation To Learn How To Better Communicate

The words ouch or ouching are terms I use to describe the pain we experience when our feelings are hurt or our boundaries violated by another person. Usually, our normal response to when we are ouched depends upon what we learn from our friends, or by observing others, or by what we were told at home and at school was the right way to do it; our responses are normally […] Read more »

A Kinder Way To Getting Unstuck

What does “stuck” mean? It’s a “life coaching” word for consciously or unconsciously staying in situations that are uncomfortable, untenable – painful. We stay because they are familiar or easier than the alternative. Awareness, therefore, is the beginning. We’ve made a decision to pursue and bring about a change. We want to become “unstuck.” But how? Since fear is the worst offender and causes our paralysis (stuckness), meditating on fear […] Read more »