Meditation Is A Very Hunky-Dory Place

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Meditation is a very hunky-dory place. But good luck finding it! When you do, you’ll really know it, because it doesn’t feel like any place else. For example, there’s no worry or judgement there. And that feels so different that it’s almost weird. A place where everything is that way, simply because that’s the way it is. Besides being a tongue twister, meditation is a place where life gets to […] Read more »

The Velvet Breath Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Find Yourself

When I was a little girl I played in the sand in my backyard. My hands would dip into the smooth warm sand and my nose would dip into the deep blue sky. I remember everything felt perfectly synchronized then. That was my first memory of the Velvet Breath. A lush rich experience of everything connected and alive. As I grew older these experiences became less frequent. I began referring […] Read more »

I Am An Expert Meditator!

Although first I started out only being a ponderer. When I was six years old, my Mother exclaimed, “Do you think I’m going to live forever? We’re all going to die.”  I said in utter disbelief, ” What do you mean, Mom?!” That’s when she warned me, “You think too much! Don’t think so deeply Char.” But then I was already hooked, and had no choice but to ponder away […] Read more »

How An Interrupted Meditation Is A Gift!

One of my favorite ways to groove into my meditation mojo, is by listening to music. And on some days it can be a life saver. Like the other day, when I was listening to some of my favorite tunes with my earbuds at a cafe. Both of my ears were tuning into every note. I barely recognized an acquaintance walking by, waving hello, my ears were so focused. I […] Read more »

7 Reasons Why I Am A Fan Of Meditating

1. It helps me feel expansive: While other people say, “Let me think about it”, I prefer to say, “Let me meditate on it.” I like this distinction, because I don’t have to promise I’ll give it more thought. It still implies, I’ll give it careful consideration of a different kind, in my own time, and at my own pace. The last thing I ever want to do, is obligate […] Read more »