Vipassana Meditation Gaining In Popularity With Youth

Meditation | Vipassana Meditation Teaches Concentration And A Stress Free Life

Of all the meditation techniques practiced, one of the more challenging is Vipassana meditation. Used as a way to decompress from a world consumed by technology, social networking, and constant distraction, Vipassana meditation offers incredible relief to those individuals who can stand to unplug themselves from the daily grind. Checkout this recent Hindustan Times post from Rochelle Pinto on the rising popularity of Vipassana meditation with adults aged 22 to 30 […] Read more »

Can A Relaxation Meditation Ease The Birthing Process?

Meditation | A Relaxation Meditation Called Hypnobirthing Eases The Birthing Process

It’s true that meditation is used for a lot of things. People with all sorts of mental and physical issues swear by the alternative healing practice as a way to relieve their symptoms and also as a means in which to explore why the ailment itself is manifesting in their lives in the first place. Now a relatively new form of meditation called HypnoBirthing is being used as a natural […] Read more »

Meditation With Gongs

Meditation | Gong Vibrations Can Enhance Your Meditation Practice

For most of us, meditation is done in silence. Practicing meditation in a quiet environment not only tends to allow a person to focus within more easily, but avoiding distraction can help a person to explore more deeply their internal environment. And while this is the preferred method when it comes to cultivating meditation, for some, using bells and gongs seem to add to the practice. Jayme Kunze pens this […] Read more »

A Meditation Consideration For Parents

Meditation | Meditation Teaches Us To React Peacefully And Receptively Toward Life

Who doesn’t like to grab the meditation pillow, maybe a candle, and find that nice quiet space within one’s home where one can sit for 20 or 30 minutes in pure bliss? Sure you might first have to go through some challenging thoughts, feelings, and sensations, but if you’ve practiced meditation for a while, you know it’s well worth it. The truth is, however, peace and quiet in this day […] Read more »

Does Buddhist Meditation Promote Rational Thinking?

Meditation Benefits | Practice Meditation To Think More Rationally

It’s true that meditation has many mental and physical benefits. Increased clarity, decreased stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure are just some of the things that one can expect from practicing meditation. That said, can meditation help people to overcome interpersonal issues like jealousy? One recent study seems to indicate so. Checkout this recent Miller McCune post from Michael Haederle on how Buddhist meditation promotes rational thinking. According to Haederle, researchers […] Read more »

A Simplified Approach To Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Bring A Sense Of Mindfulness To Your Life

Many who have been practicing meditation for a while know that the true test is bringing the practice out from the confines of one’s home and into the world. Meaning, cultivating a sense of mindfulness in all of one’s day-to-day activities. No small feat to say the least, mindfulness meditation begins by bringing conscious awareness to one’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and sensations without attaching labels or meaning. Erin Johnson and […] Read more »

5 Helpful Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Meditation | Use Meditation And Relaxation To Restore Equilibrium To The Mind And Body

When it comes to stress and anxiety, most people know that the trick isn’t to get rid of life’s stressors. Rather, successful navigation through tumultuous times necessitates using creative ways to weather the storm. Alternative practices like meditation are essential in that they not only calm the mind and body, but also help to get at what’s driving the disequilibrium in the first place. Checkout this recent Science 20 post from neurophysiologist Paul […] Read more »

A Basic Centering Meditation For Your Day

Meditation | A Basic Centering Meditation Can Be Used To Find Meaning

Regardless of who you are or what you do, prolonged stress is a condition that can cause deterioration to both your mental and physical faculties. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize the signs of stress, and as a result, do nothing to offset its effects. And while exercise can be extremely helpful in releasing some of the pent up energy within a person, meditation and prayer offer added benefit by helping […] Read more »

Running With The Mind Of Meditation

Meditation | Combine Meditation And Running To Stay In Your Body And In The Moment

If you’ve been around meditation for a while, you know that the practice can be incorporated into pretty much anything. Hence the term mindfulness. For many of us, bringing a sense of mindfulness into our daily activities is a life-long challenge. The truth is, however, the more mindful people can be in their lives, the happier and more centered they are. Now take the practice of meditation and running. This […] Read more »