India Inc Still Behind The Times

Meditation | Meditation Is A Form Of Preventative Healthcare

While it makes sense that in the West we have been slow to incorporate meditation and yoga as part of preventative healthcare, in the country that invented the practice of yoga and meditation, you would think that they would be first in line to offer their workforce this kind of coverage…no so. In an interesting survey conducted in India by Towers Watson, as of late, the most popular of these […] Read more »

Meditation According To Sharon Salzberg

Meditation | Turn Inward By Practicing Meditation

PBS recently released excepts from an insightful interview they conducted with meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, founder of the Insight Meditation Society, in which she discusses how her meditation retreat center helps people to learn how to be more authentic by turning within. She believes by clearing away the clutter and confusion produced by habits and fears that a person has the opportunity to see what’s really going on. When people learn […] Read more »

Can Meditation Be Taught To Children?

Meditation | Meditation Tips For Children

Many opinions can be given as to whether meditation can be beneficial, much less taught to children.  In this powerful piece by Helen Gray from The Kansas City Star, she offers an example of how simple instruction to young children can make dramatic differences and how meditation can positively affect relations between children and both their peers and parents. Gray offers a birds eye perspective into how a group of […] Read more »

Can Meditation Cure Pain?

Meditation | Explore The Inner Workings Of Your Body With Meditation

Tim Parks’ story of how he used meditation to cure himself of chronic pain is a great testament to the power of focusing inward. Left by doctors with an undiagnosed pain in his bladder, Tim in desperation turned to author David Wise and his book A Headache in the Pelvis for a solution. At 52 years old, Parks began for the first time exploring the inner workings of his body. […] Read more »

Creating Your Private Meditation Practice

Meditation | Meditation Allows You Private Time With Yourself

Yoga, like in many parts of the world, is booming in Montreal, Canada.  Walk down any of the city’s main thoroughfares and your are assured of finding a studio where you can get your fill of this ancient practice of breathing, movement and meditation. But what happens when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Donna Nebenzahl shares tips on how a meaningful practice can be created […] Read more »

The Benefits of Deep Meditation

Meditation | Connect More Deeply To Your Unconscious Through Meditation

Andrea Edwards from A Million Lives discusses the concept of deep meditation as a way to mentally detach from physical and mental tension and anxiety. Through correct techniques (posture and breathing) individuals are able to connect more deeply to their consciousness thereby allowing the exploration of a spiritual connection where vibrations and energy moves more fluidly. In deep meditation, you are aware of the stillness that surrounds you, but are […] Read more »

Can Mindfulness Meditation Change Brain Structure?

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Has Profound Effect On The Brain

In a recent study published in the medical journal Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, senior author Sara Lazar of Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital claims that over time meditation may produce changes to the brain’s grey matter. Why is this important? Because increased grey matter can mean positive changes in learning, memory, anxiety, self-awareness and compassion to people who adopt meditation. The eight week study seems consistent with many meditation practitioners who claim […] Read more »