Meditation: Chicken Or The Egg

Meditation | Use Meditation To Open Your Heart

I had an interesting meditation this morning. Maybe you can relate: It was one of those practices that when you come out of it, you think you’ve just solved one of human nature’s most puzzling riddles. And while the glow tends to last for a couple of hours, you know that by lunchtime it’s going to be replaced with yet another question. It was one of those. And I’m still […] Read more »

Meditation: Connecting With Creation

I’ve had an interesting morning. Somewhere between dropping off the dog at her play date, weaving in and out of LA traffic, and arriving at a job where I get to be of maximum service, I had the opportunity to hit play on Byron Katie’s Loving What Is. Now normally I like to think I’ve graduated to more complicated self help or self awareness pieces, like Stephen Wolinsky’s Rays of […] Read more »

Meditation: Are You Leading A Cancer Life

Now some might gasp at this title of this post. But read on and maybe you’ll come up with your own answer. I’m sure none of us grow up with aspirations of leaving this world as a result of cancer. I certainly didn’t and still don’t. That said, I had an interesting meditation this morning, the result being a question: am I living a cancer life? With 10 minutes still […] Read more »

Meditation: The Impermanence Of Sunset Blvd

(Note: I have to admit. Sometimes when I come out of a meditation with what I think to be some profound insight, when I start to write it down, I realize that while the insight is profound, the message is incredibly simple and kind of obvious. This morning’s meditation on attachment was one such meditation.) If you’ve had the chance to drive down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood or West Hollywood […] Read more »

Meditation: A Fresh Perspective On Grief

Of all the human feelings for a person to process, I believe that grief is the most challenging. Grief is a shattering of expectations. A swimming abyss where a person scrambles to make meaning. Unfortunately, grief is the least talked about of human emotions. Grief results when a loved one dies or when a relationship ends. A pregnant state of confusion, fear, despair, and loss begging to be reconciled. We […] Read more »

Meditation: Unearthing Codependency

One of my biggest challenges in meditating is remembering everything that happens during an individual practice. A somewhat “not the point” of meditation, my intention in remembering what I experience is so I can actually take it and practice it in my daily life. If I don’t do so, what’s the point of meditating? Being a strong believer in the philosophy that conscious and unconscious belief systems rule much of […] Read more »