Meditation To Digest Your Life

Meditation | Practice Meditation Daily To Handle The Circumstances Of Your Life

How many times have you chewed the same provocative story in, through, and around your mind to the point of near-exhaustion? A simple comment from a friend over lunch, a text alert from your bank with a surprising look at your balance, a morning where every word out of your mouth felt like pointless noise. Or that visit with a friend in pain that left you depressed and unable to […] Read more »

Meditation: Anesthesia or Evolutionary Tool?

I once heard it said that you can use anything for anything. That includes meditation. If you’re not yet using meditation, and you’re reading the articles here at The Daily Heal, now is probably the time. The pull to keep reading these articles is a good indication that something in you senses a greater possibility for your life, regardless of how amazing your life might be on paper. Meditation is […] Read more »

The Transformative Power Of Relaxation

Sometimes we’re just working too hard, especially at spiritual practices — specifically meditation. There’s room for effort, however effort doesn’t equal strain. Strain is entirely counterproductive to entering the freedom of meditation. What if for the next thirty days, your only task was to practice relaxing ever more deeply in and out of meditation? What if this simple practice could bring more ease, energy, and joy to every area of […] Read more »

The Best Anti-Aging Treatment Yet

The race to look younger and stay that way. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with arms and legs around the four corners of the globe. Every day some new treatment, herb, or cream is hyped in non-stop hyperbole. You’re sitting with the most powerful anti-aging device yet! You. Well, you in deep meditation, that is. Scientists continue to study the effect of deep states of consciousness on the body yielding […] Read more »