5 Minutes of Qigong Breathing to Charge Your Internal Battery

Meditation | Copy The Natural Breathing Rhythm Of A Baby With Qi Gong Meditation Breathing

Slow and deep Qigong Breathing is a meditation practice that calms you down and revitalizes or “Charges Up Your Internal Battery.” You can do the practice anytime, anywhere…sitting in traffic, standing in line, or before any high stress situation where you need to chill out. It’s called Embryonic Qigong Breathing and it’s the root of all Qigong and Tai Chi breathing methods. Even before we were born we received nutrients and […] Read more »

Meditation In Motion…Yoga Or Tai Chi?

Meditation | Use Meditation To Create A Mind Body Connection

Yoga and Tai Chi are sometimes referred to as “Meditation In Motion”. But to answer the question of which is better when it comes to meditation, we must keep in mind the Exercise Physiology principle of Specificity of Training. Training is specific to the event. If the event is to throw the javelin, then the training should be as specific as possible to the requirements of throwing the javelin. Yoga […] Read more »