7 Reasons Why I Am A Fan Of Meditating

1. It helps me feel expansive: While other people say, “Let me think about it”, I prefer to say, “Let me meditate on it.” I like this distinction, because I don’t have to promise I’ll give it more thought. It still implies, I’ll give it careful consideration of a different kind, in my own time, and at my own pace. The last thing I ever want to do, is obligate […] Read more »

7 Hints To Meditate Like A Pro

Whether you use a mantra, the breath, or a candle to help you focus, meditation has been around for thousands of years and has been practiced in at least that many different ways. Let’s face it, when it comes to the practice, what could be easier than sitting quietly with your focus directed inwards? For some, attempting to cultivate that relationship with self presents a challenge. Who wants to see […] Read more »

Using The Breath As A Vehicle Of Transformation

I light a few leaves of sage and put them into a small ceramic bowl. I cup the smoke in my hands and draw it into my face, over the crown of my head and into my chest. I imagine the smoke dragging slowly through my energy field like a delicate fishing net, capturing and pulling away any muck or funk I may have picked up along the way. The […] Read more »

Meditation: Past and Presence

In the past, I was intimidated by formal meditation practices that seemed elusive to me. They included highly evolved regimens and required developing a level of discipline that I feared I wasn’t capable of achieving. It was intimidating. I viewed people who were years deep into their formal practices as a different species. I’m not a Buddhist nor a Hare Krishna devotee or a Christian. And the practices like Vipassana and […] Read more »

5 Ways To Energize Your Meditation Practice

Those who have been meditating for a while know that, every now and then, it can be important to re-evaluate your meditation practice. Are you still achieving your goals? Do you need to change up how you sit or where you practice meditation? Are you bored? Below are 5 simple ways to help re-energize your practice should it start becoming a bit stale: 1. Why did you start meditating? Reassess […] Read more »

Meditation In Motion…Yoga Or Tai Chi?

Meditation | Use Meditation To Create A Mind Body Connection

Yoga and Tai Chi are sometimes referred to as “Meditation In Motion”. But to answer the question of which is better when it comes to meditation, we must keep in mind the Exercise Physiology principle of Specificity of Training. Training is specific to the event. If the event is to throw the javelin, then the training should be as specific as possible to the requirements of throwing the javelin. Yoga […] Read more »

A Kinder Way To Getting Unstuck

What does “stuck” mean? It’s a “life coaching” word for consciously or unconsciously staying in situations that are uncomfortable, untenable – painful. We stay because they are familiar or easier than the alternative. Awareness, therefore, is the beginning. We’ve made a decision to pursue and bring about a change. We want to become “unstuck.” But how? Since fear is the worst offender and causes our paralysis (stuckness), meditating on fear […] Read more »

How Can Chiropractic Work Enhance My Meditation Practice?

You might be asking yourself, “What in the world does chiropractic have to do with meditation?” I’m going to ask you to put aside what you think you may already know about chiropractic….that it is excellent for back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, digestive problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and about 28,000 more symptoms, and open your mind to a deep philosophy and discipline that is equally concerned about the mental […] Read more »

Meditation: Are You Leading A Cancer Life

Now some might gasp at this title of this post. But read on and maybe you’ll come up with your own answer. I’m sure none of us grow up with aspirations of leaving this world as a result of cancer. I certainly didn’t and still don’t. That said, I had an interesting meditation this morning, the result being a question: am I living a cancer life? With 10 minutes still […] Read more »