Meditation: The Impermanence Of Sunset Blvd

(Note: I have to admit. Sometimes when I come out of a meditation with what I think to be some profound insight, when I start to write it down, I realize that while the insight is profound, the message is incredibly simple and kind of obvious. This morning’s meditation on attachment was one such meditation.) If you’ve had the chance to drive down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood or West Hollywood […] Read more »

5 Steps To Maximizing Your Meditation Practice

The good news is, if you’re looking to start a meditation practice, you’ll have plenty of information to help you begin your journey. The biggest challenge comes in sorting through all the options and opinions to find those meditation gems that resonate with you. That said, a good cheat sheet can be helpful along the way. Here are five steps to maximizing your meditation practice: Step 1: Eat light! Many […] Read more »

Meditation: A Fresh Perspective On Grief

Of all the human feelings for a person to process, I believe that grief is the most challenging. Grief is a shattering of expectations. A swimming abyss where a person scrambles to make meaning. Unfortunately, grief is the least talked about of human emotions. Grief results when a loved one dies or when a relationship ends. A pregnant state of confusion, fear, despair, and loss begging to be reconciled. We […] Read more »

Meditation: Unearthing Codependency

One of my biggest challenges in meditating is remembering everything that happens during an individual practice. A somewhat “not the point” of meditation, my intention in remembering what I experience is so I can actually take it and practice it in my daily life. If I don’t do so, what’s the point of meditating? Being a strong believer in the philosophy that conscious and unconscious belief systems rule much of […] Read more »