3 Meditations To Help With Overwhelm

Many feelings are challenging, being overwhelmed is one of them. Not being able to think on your feet can present a problem especially when you need to perform. As with most “unacceptable” feelings, the key to staying connected to your center is to properly prepare so that when you are confronted you know what to do. In this Livestrong article, three meditation techniques designed to help a person deal with […] Read more »

Dummies Guide To Meditation

Where to start, what to do, and why is it important? Three commons questions any beginning meditator thinks about or asks when considering undertaking a meditation practice. Here’s a hint: think about everything you can possibly imagine…now let it all go. In this recent PsychCentral post from Margarita Tartakosvky, the topic of meditation is explored. Citing published author, yoga instructor and licensed social worker Mary NurrieStearns, Tartakosvky answers the many […] Read more »

7 Steps To Mindfulness Meditation

Most of us spend our days walking around, living life without any real awareness of what we are doing. As if we are on auto pilot, we do the same things day-in and day-out all the while experiencing a certain lack of connection with our lives and ourselves. In this Good Life Zen post, the subject of mindfulness and it’s use as a meditation is explored as a means by […] Read more »

How To Meditate Your Insomnia Away

Whether your problem is falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night after falling asleep, not getting enough rest can be both emotionally as well as physically tough. For many, medication is a solution. For others, exercise provides the needed energetic outlet to experience a proper night’s sleep. Using meditation as a way to relax is another possibility. In this Pikibook article, the subject of meditation as […] Read more »

3 Preparation Essentials To An Effective Meditation Practice

Whether you meditate to increase your brainpower or to better get to know yourself, there are three fundamentals that you should take into consideration when setting up a meditation practice: creating the proper environment, mindfulness in your posture, and setting an intention. Susan Scott Morales’ Ann Arbor post reminds us that preparation can be just as important as letting go. In her article, Morales explains how creating a meditation environment […] Read more »

8 Tips To Fun And Easy Meditation

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Should Be Simple

Sure we all know that meditation is good for us.  We also know that in order to reap real benefit, a daily practice is essential. While most people set out with their best intentions to make a meditation practice a daily ritual, alas, with work and relationship demands to name just a few, these same people find themselves struggling to keep their commitment. Luckily, Goddess Leonie from Tiny Buddha gives […] Read more »

Creating Your Private Meditation Practice

Meditation | Meditation Allows You Private Time With Yourself

Yoga, like in many parts of the world, is booming in Montreal, Canada.  Walk down any of the city’s main thoroughfares and your are assured of finding a studio where you can get your fill of this ancient practice of breathing, movement and meditation. But what happens when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Donna Nebenzahl shares tips on how a meaningful practice can be created […] Read more »