The 10 Minute Meditation Practice

Meditation Benefits | Andy Puddicombe Says Benefit From Meditation Can Be Had In A Short Amount Of Time

For some, the thought of sitting anywhere for more than 30 minutes makes the hands sweat and the mind spin. The good news, however, is that one can receive benefit from meditation in a relatively short amount of time. Sure, you’re going to have to turn that focus inward and yes, you’ll probably encounter some uncomfortable feelings, sensations, and thoughts before finding that sweet spot within. But the truth is, […] Read more »

Deepak Chopra On How To Practice Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Cultivate Transcendence, Divine Attitude, Self Reflection And Self Regulation

For any beginning meditator, practicing meditation can appear to be somewhat of a challenge. Truth be told, however, it’s one of the simplest of healing practices on the market (and one of the most powerful). All that’s needed to begin is a pillow, a chair back, and a little motivation (there’s even a meditation video game). That said, anyone looking to begin a meditation practice would benefit from considering following […] Read more »

Is Long Distance Running A Form Of Meditation?

Meditation | A Type Of Meditation Long Distance Running Can Quiet The Mind

Meditation can be cultivated in many ways. Some choose to light a candle, while others chant or repeat mantras. Others find that incorporating a meditation practice into their extracurricular activities not only gives them an excuse to meditate, but it actually helps to enhance their practice. Becky Striepe pens this recent Care 2 post on long distance running as a practical form of meditation. According to Striepe, long distance running […] Read more »

Meditation And The Art Of Stillness

Meditation | Practice Meditation To Learn To Cultivate Stillness Of Being

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that everything has a birth, death, and rebirth cycle. Take this moment. It starts, ends, and is followed by yet another moment. The trick is not to get caught up so that the moments start backing up upon one another. And what causes the backup? Well attachment, of course. Attachment to one’s beliefs, thoughts, and ideals. Meditation, however, offers some relief from the […] Read more »

3 Minute Meditations For People On The Go

Meditation Benefits | Use Simple Meditations To Lower Stress And Anxiety

Let’s face it, life is fast paced and unless you have a staff of 5 managing your every move, keeping track of you daily to-do’s and where-to-be’s can be a full-time job in itself. Successful navigation through the stressors of life necessitates finding ways in which to stay focused and grounded so as to effortlessly complete your job at hand. So what’s the solution? Well, practice meditation of course. The […] Read more »

5 Quickies To A Healthy Meditation Practice

Meditation Benefits | Use Meditation Daily To Experience Benefit

Most people know that meditation when practiced daily (even for just 10 minutes) can greatly benefit one’s overall health and well being. The trick, however, isn’t to find the right way to practice, but rather to practice anything that helps you to cultivate that internal relationship with self on a regular basis. NancyAnn Rella, for the Wausau Daily Herald, gives us five quick and easy meditation tips (courtesy of The […] Read more »

A Brief Lesson In Mantra Meditation

Meditation | Mantra Meditation Cultivates Awareness And Conscious Connection To Source

There are many ways in which to practice meditation. Some like to focus on the breath, while others use sounds, words, and phrases to focus the mind and partake in the benefits of meditation. The key to any meditation practice, however, is finding the practice that works for you. Well-known meditation and yoga instructor Shiva Rea offers insight into mantra meditation in this recent Yoga Journal post. According to Rea, […] Read more »

Online Meditation Breathing As One

Meditation Benefits | Use Online Meditation Resources To Realize The Benefits Of Meditation

They are many people out there that want to practice meditation but unfortunately lack the structure and motivation in which to actually sit down for 15 to 20 minutes and silently focus within. Regardless of all the positive health benefits that meditation offers, these people just can’t seem to drag themselves or rather focus themselves enough to simply meditate. Not to worry, there’s a solution! Checkout this recent Barrie Examiner […] Read more »

4 Tips To Experiencing The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Find A Meditation Practice That Fits Your Lifestyle

One of the most challenging things that a meditator faces is keeping to a regular practice. With the monkey mind attempting to sabotage one’s mental health at every turn, meditation is not only an act of inward reflection, but it entails a certain amount of discipline and dedication. Discouragement, fear, confusion, and distraction are all a part of it. However, if you really want to experience all the benefits that […] Read more »