10 Natural Relaxation Techniques For A Stellar Weekend

Meditation | Meditation Can Help You Unwind From A Busy Week

Normally, most of us spend some much of our week rushing around that when the weekend comes, neither are we prepared to unwind, nor do we even consider before hand ways in which to invite relaxation and calmness into our lives. As a result, when Sunday night rolls around and the thought of the week begins to play havoc on our brains, we once again launch ourselves into do-mode without […] Read more »

Introducing The Eyebrow Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Helps To Bring New Perspective To Life

One of the greatest things about meditation is that the practice enables you to reframe anything. That is, look at any situation whether that be within oneself or between others from a new perspective. For most of us, we get caught up when we view life from only one direction. Meditation allows us to see the multitude of ways in which we can come to and participate in life. Simon […] Read more »

How To Teach Your Kid Meditation

Meditation | Use Age Appropriate Meditation Techniques To Teach Your Child How To Meditate

If you practice meditation regularly, it’s safe to say you recognize its benefits. It’s probably also safe to say that you wish you’d started your conscious inner journey sooner, say when you were a kid. And if you have kids, you might be wondering how on earth you could get your child to focus enough to begin them on their own meditation path, that is without stunting their beautiful and […] Read more »

A Simple Meditation For Resistance

Meditation Benefits | Use A Resistance Meditation To Get Into Dialogue With The Discomfort

Who doesn’t practice just a little resistance now and then? The bigger question, however, is how aware of resistance are you and what do you do when you bump up against it? As most know, judgement is the quickest way to keeping something stuck in place. Luckily meditation is a great tool to help witness resistance and see what’s going on underneath it. Sally Kempton pens this recent Yoga Journal post […] Read more »

A Gratitude Meditation For Your Day

Meditation | Honor The Gifts In Your Life With A Gratitude Meditation

If you’ve been around meditation for a while, you know that there are not only many ways to practice meditation, but there are equally as many reasons for the practice. One of the most profound reasons is to cultivate a sense of gratitude. And let’s face it, in a world full of stress and anxiety, generating as much gratitude toward self and others is a hot and need commodity. Checkout […] Read more »

Two Guided Relaxation Meditation Exercises To Bring You Peace And Quiet

Meditation | A Relaxation Meditation Can Help You To Focus

For most of us, finding the time in which to meditate is the most difficult part of the practice. What with all we have to do on a given day, it’s a wonder we even have time to process our actions, much less dedicate time to calm down and relax. That said, finding even 10 minutes in which to focus within can not only help to bring down your stress […] Read more »

Use A Third Eye Meditation To Build Inner Peace

Meditation Benefits | A Third Eye Meditation Can Be Use For Inner Peace

Yes I know what a few of you are thinking: what’s my third eye? Good question. In many spiritual traditions, the third eye corresponds to the space on your brow between your two eyes. Associated with high consciousness, enlightenment, and clairvoyance, connecting to your third eye through meditation can lead to increased inner peace. Checkout this recent Finer Minds post on how to do a third eye meditation and why you’d […] Read more »

The Lotus Heart Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Practice A Lotus Heart Meditation To Focus Awareness

One thing that you’ll get to know very quickly if you practice meditation for any length of time is your heart. Not necessarily that wonderfully powerful beating thing in the center of your chest. Rather, your heart center – you know that thing you protect and close off from the rest of the world so you don’t get hurt? Unfortunately, closing off one’s heart center can lead to all sorts […] Read more »

A Meditation For The Busy Minded

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Works To Help Decrease Work Stress And Anxiety

Most people know that meditation is good for… well just about everything. From physical ailments to spiritual and mental conditions, meditation works because it changes your relationship with your experience. And why is this powerful? Because by moving awareness from the brain and into the body, space appears between our strongly held beliefs about how life should be and how life is. More so, and here’s the rub, meditation teaches […] Read more »