What Is a Chakra Chart?

If you were to look up the Chakra chart in Hindu, you would see that the word “Chakra” stands for wheel. The wheel is comprised of seven individual wheels that represent a certain part of the human body. From the spine all the way out to the top of the head, there is considered to be a different energy level, or Chakra, that corresponds to that area along with a particular color.

The seven Chakras are as follows:

Root – the spine and is red in color.

Sacral – the abdomen, and it is colored orange.

Power – often seen as yellow or gold, and it is in the belly.

Love – obviously located in the heart but also in the lungs and chest and represented by the color green.

Communication – in the throat and is the color blue.

Intuition – located between the eyes, color is purple.

Divine – the color white, and although it is located at the crown of the head, it really represents the soul.

Each Chakra is often addressed in a different method, and the use of a Chakra chart can help you get there. Because each part of the wheel has on its own several sections, it is best that you address them in a particular order so that you will have a strong foundation when you get to the other areas.

This all sounds fairly mechanical, but it is just a description of what will happen to your own mind, body, and spirit when you use a Chakra chart and proper meditation techniques to enhance your life. By learning how to meditate, which you can do online, you will gain experience understanding your own Chakras and how this type of meditation can really change your life.

There are many great online resources that can help you with this and show you the way to a more balanced and peaceful life.