The Laying of Chakra Stones

The laying of Chakra stones is a critical aspect in the principles of Chakra that employ the skills of a healer to help you heal and achieve a balance of energy. The principles of this concept are to promote your health and well-being. The process involves the healing laying a series of colored stones on your body in strategic areas. Ideally, when the stone is laid on your body, it should feel uncomfortable. The stone will absorb negative feelings and energy, and when the stone is removed, those negative feelings will be removed from your body.

The Chakra stones are each a different color and are designed to be placed in different areas across your body. A red stone will be placed at the base of your spine or at the top of your legs. An orange stone is placed on your lower abdomen. A yellow stone is placed in the mid-abdominal area below your rib cage. A green and a pink stone will be placed near the heart, and a light blue stone will be placed at your throat. There is also a dark blue stone that is placed on your forehead, and another stone will be placed immediately above that.

Once the Chakra stones are laid, they will vibrate and boost energy throughout the body. They will cleanse you of negative energy, which will leave you feeling at peace and harmony with the world. The stones are placed from the feet upward to the head, and then are removed from the top of the body downward one by one for maximum healing benefits. If you are interested in this type of unique healing, you will want to seek out a trained and skilled healer who has experience with these stones. There is a fine art to performing this cleansing ritual properly, so you will want to seek out an expert to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of it.