What Can You Learn From Chakras Pictures?

The study of Chakras and Chakras pictures dates back for many centuries, and it has a firm foundation in many different philosophies and traditions. However, it does originate from Hindu texts and basically refers to what are commonly believed to be wheels in the double image of man. The Chakras pictures are used in Indian medicine, and many depict the areas of the body between the heart and the naval with great detail.

The study of this philosophy has been used in various modern health and wellness concepts like realization, acupuncture, yoga, Tai Chi, and more. The pictures essentially explore what is believed to be the energy sources of your body, and there are a great deal of these energy sources concentrated in your head, which include the ajna, the talata, the soma, the golata, and others. There are other energy sources elsewhere, and Chakras pictures generally put the Fire Wheel between the throat and heart, the Wind Wheel on your forehead, the Jewel Wheel at the sexual organs, the Secret Place Wheel below the navel, and more.

When you take time to study these pictures and understand the theory and philosophy behind them, you will have a better foundation not just in the study of Hindu and Indian medical practices and beliefs, but also in a variety of other Eastern cultural philosophies, including the many different forms of meditation and wellness studies and activities, too. It is important to note that while these images and concepts have a focus on health and well-being, they also focus on a religious concept as well. This is critical in understanding many Eastern cultures and religions because health and well-being are so intricately tied to a higher spiritual being. Understanding this concept will help you to understand the important tie between these areas.