Energizing Your Chakras Centers

There is a basic Hindu belief that there are strategic points across our body, generally from our foreheads down to our genital region in a straight line, that serve as energy centers for our health, happiness, and well-being. These points, otherwise known as Chakras centers, are stimulated and energized throughout daily activities. Basic philosophies and teachings in this area generally tell us that we should make an effort to stimulate these centers as much as possible, but also in balanced ways, to enjoy optimal health and to find a balance or harmony with our surroundings. There are many different ways that you can stimulate these centers, and these are just a few of the most common:

  1. Positive Thinking. Hindu beliefs in Chakras say that every thought, whether positive or negative, is connected to one of these key centers in our body. Some thoughts serve to charge the body of energy while others truly drain us. To really charge your body and gain the most benefit from your line of thinking, you will want to focus on positive thoughts and make every effort to stave off negative thoughts. Negative thoughts include those that are sad, angry, or stressed in nature, as well as that create other negative feelings for you.
  2. Colored Foods. It is believed that each of the Chakras centers of the body is a different color, and it is also believed that when you eat foods of a certain color, they recharge the center of the body that relates to that same color. If you want to achieve a true sense of balance and harmony, you will want to make an effort to keep your centers in balance by eating foods of a variety of colors. This essentially pertains to healthy, natural foods rather than processed foods, as the natural foods are closer to nature.
  3. Natural Energy. The most visible and present source of energy in everyone’s life is the sun, and the sun works to recharge your Chakras centers just as it provides energy to other living things. As you may know, light is a spectrum of colors, so spending time in the sun each and every day recharges all of your centers of every color. You should make an effort to spend at least a few minutes outdoors basking in the sun’s rays and relaxing each and every day to fully enjoy the recharge that the sun can provide to you and your energy centers.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the many different ways that you can use to fully recharge your Chakras centers. You will definitely want to take some time to explore the other methods available, as there are many more. To achieve a greater level of health and well-being, and to find greater harmony and balance in your life, you will want to make an effort to lead a life that incorporates as many of these energy re-charging methods into your life as possible. You should also constantly be striving to find new ways to more fully recharge your centers.