5 Ways To Energize Your Meditation Practice

Those who have been meditating for a while know that, every now and then, it can be important to re-evaluate your meditation practice. Are you still achieving your goals? Do you need to change up how you sit or where you practice meditation? Are you bored? Below are 5 simple ways to help re-energize your practice should it start becoming a bit stale:

1. Why did you start meditating? Reassess your meditation goals.

There’s a reason why you began to meditate. Maybe to help with anxiety and stress? Maybe because of a health issue? Although life can sometimes cause us to get caught up in the daily routine, it’s important to not only reflect on why you started meditating, but also come up with new goals for an ongoing practice.

2. Goto a meditation class.

The truth is, meditation allows you to cultivate a relationship with yourself. Yes, a personal and sometimes lonely journey. That said there is safety in numbers. Attending a meditation class can not only motivate you in your personal practice, but it can help to provide support and encouragement when the sometimes challenging material comes up (like boredom).

3. Change up where you meditate.

Boredom results from doing the same thing over and over again. This includes where you practice meditation as well as what you sit on when you meditate. Do you meditate in the bedroom? Do you use a meditation pillow? Consider moving your practice space to another part of the house. Even doing so for a week can sometimes be a gentle enough push to break through challenging times.

4. Investigate other forms of meditation.

Do you always focus on a mantra? What about the breath? With the vast amount of information available about meditation, if you are starting to find your individual practice boring, consider adding a mantra to the mix. You can always go back to your old way if you aren’t satisfied!

5. Take the chore out of meditation.

Similar to reassessing your meditation goals, it’s vital to remember that you are the one choosing to meditate. Don’t make a chore of it! A meditation practice holds within it not only mental and physical benefits, but also the opportunity to experience a deeper sense of existence and connection to all.

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