Meditation Is A Very Hunky-Dory Place

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Will Leave You Feeling InspiredMeditation is a very hunky-dory place. But good luck finding it! When you do, you’ll really know it, because it doesn’t feel like any place else.

For example, there’s no worry or judgement there. And that feels so different that it’s almost weird. A place where everything is that way, simply because that’s the way it is.

Besides being a tongue twister, meditation is a place where life gets to be itself, with no interruptions from you.

Life has a Divine mind of it’s own when no one is around to lay any heavy stories on it. It’s been known to have outrageous and uniquely beautiful ideas. That’s why when you tune in, it can feel like another reality. A different frequency where everything is working out perfectly.

The good news is that this place exists inside you.

Here’s an exercise. Grab a pillow. Find a quiet space. And make a date with Divine consciousness. Show up very casual and cozy. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself. Then ask yourself to help solve your own problems. Tap into the Divine mind inside and expect solutions to arise.

You don’t have to be sitting still to feel the answers as you meditate, but it’s as old as the hills to sit silently. Always remember to watch your back! Meditative vibrations have a way of creeping up on you when you’re not looking…And you’ll be glad when they do.

In my experience, vibrations from the Divine creep up on me regularly during healing sessions. And believe me, as a Clairvoyant, I am seriously minding my own business when viewing my client’s energy field. With my mind deeply focused, I concentrate on each of my client’s chakras with my third eye. Then like clockwork, a zone of equanimity and serene consciousness washes over me. Though I’m not actually looking for it, this vibration comes looking for me.

You can greatly increase your chances of meditation creeping up on you too by focusing on an activity or taking a long walk in nature and then focusing within. Once you find a cool path and start to feel inspired, you won’t want to turn back. And that’s the exact nature of perfect meditation. Off and running and feeling inspired. Some of you already know it well.

So the next time you find yourself feeling free from worry and happy out of the blue, whether sitting cross-legged, at work, or during a walk in the woods, now you know, this is a meditative state. And all along you thought you were just feeling good.

Charisse Landise is a Los Angeles based Clairvoyant Healing Artist, with over two decades experience, and 10,000 healing sessions. She reads humans and animals globally, over the phone, Skype video, or in person. Find out more information about her by visiting:

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