Why Is Meditation Music So Popular?

If you have ever gone to a yoga class, had a really nice massage in a spa, or even taken a class in meditation, then you have probably experienced meditation music. Unlike the music that we hear in our everyday lives, with heavy beats and word that inspire you to think and sing along, meditation music is used to calm you and turn your thoughts inward. In other words, this isn’t “sing-a-long” music!

The hallmark of this type of music is that it has a particular beat which is known as binaural. These deep repeating beats are found to reside deep within the music and may sound a bit off-key to our Western ears. But it is designed to keep your focus on the music and not as a beat on which to tap your toes.

One of the best things about meditation music and one of the things that makes it so popular is that it is not distracting for anything that you are doing. Whether you are meditating, doing yoga, or just sitting at your computer and working, you will find that this kind of music sets your mind at rest and does not invigorate and agitate you like rock or rap might do.

You can work think, meditate or exercise with the sound of this music behind you, and although it will be in your consciousness, it will not distract you. Obviously, it is best if you are able to sit or lie down to totally concentrate on this music, as that is where true meditation will come from, but even if you just have it playing in the background at home or at work (or even while you are falling asleep at night), you will still reap the benefits of this unique and very peaceful type of music.