10 Relaxation Techniques For Your Weekend

Meditation | Meditation And Other Relaxation Techniques Can Help You Deal With StressAlthough the weekend is a great opportunity for one to recover from the previous week’s events and a time to rejuvenate for the upcoming week, unfortunately for most, people spend their time completing unfinished business. And while this might be a necessary decision, the problem with the scenario is obvious. Without sufficient down time using practices like meditation, the mind and body can’t sufficiently heal from the stressors that people encounter during their busy lives. This means an increase in stress and anxiety and a decrease in overall health and well being.

Luuux recently published an article on 10 relaxation techniques intended to help a person deal with stress. Top on the list is meditation, followed by deep breathing exercises, cultivating a sense of love and compassion, and listening to music.

1. Meditate

When it comes to meditating people always seem to think its time to sit and close your eyes. Whoosah here, whooosah there. Think again, when you want to meditate you want to relax your mind. Just block out everything that’s going around you! All you want is the inner peace so you can just focus on the silience around you.

Some activity you want to do to keep your inner self calm are knitting, painting, swimming & walking.

Try to catch yourself doing this about 5 to 10 minutes you’ll feel & see the difference.

2. Picture Yourself Relaxed

Are you tired of all the noises around you? Do you want it to stop because all you crave is the peace and quiet? To maintain this stress relief you want to picture yourself on a island. An island all by yourself with no one’s around you!

To take your minds off on these things that are going on. You want to take your mind to a different place. Set yourself into a zone where there’s no one, but yourself.

3. Breathe Deeply

Feeling tensed or stressed all on your body? Breathing deeply can help you with this. Inhaling deeply will take you to a place where you can’t breathe anymore, but exhaling it deeply, slowly will released all the stress out! Try doing this about ten times. This will definitely help!

4. Look Around You

Every where we go we always seem to see something’s always bothering us! Some things that set your mind off where all you want to do is good deeds. For this one picture something that’s different from what you’re always seeing. Picture a painting. Pay close attention how the artist would put his hard work into it. A set of necklace how the detailings are made. A song lyrics. What’s the true meaning behind it.

5. Drink Hot Tea

A lot of people always seem to turn to coffee because what it does. Coffee wakes people up, but it doesn’r relaxes people. What you need is some Green in your life. And when I say Green I don’t mean Green stuff you eat, but Green stuff you need to drink. Which is Hot Green Tea! If you want to look good Green Tea will definitly bring you good beauty deeds!

One of the tea the author recommend is “Chamomile tea.” What it’ll do is to calm the mind & reduce the stress in you!

6. Show Some Love

This is one of my favorite! I love to give unexpected hugs to family & friends.

Show people you care will make the connection stronger! Positive people around you will give you positive energy! Not only you can give loves to human, but pets makes great stress relief too! The look of their face & how they enjoy your company will leave you unstress!

7. Try Self-Massage

This is also one of my favorite! I get professional massages when ever I get the chance, but self-massage comes in handy. Some of the places I like to massage myself are head, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Well, that really covers everything! HAHA So, if you ever want “me time” try to take yourself to a spa and get an hour massage. It’s relaxing. I catch myself falling asleep.

8. Take a Time-Out

Not only children needs time-out, but grown ups too! Sometimes us men and women just want time to ourself. Having someone by you can be aggravating sometimes! Especially when you want time for yourself, but the other person doesn’t want to give you space.

9. Try a Musical Detour

When I get stress out I turned to music! Piano & instrumental music to be exact! Peace & calmful music will relax your mind, body & soul. Try to own at least one CD that can helps you relax. I owned a lot, but there’s one CD that stands out the most. Remember, music will take you away…

10. Take an Attitude Break

If something is bothering you set everything aside and go take a break. Taking a break will calm your nerves down and your stress will slowly go away. People take breaks because they just want to step out and take some fresh air as well. Some things you relate are things like an upcoming event you’ve been waiting for, seeing that someone special or getting yourself something you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Read more about how relaxation techniques can help you deal with stress and enhance you health and well being here.

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