10 Tips To Mindful Living

Meditation | Mindfulness Meditation Teaches You To Be In The NowIf you practice meditation, you know how helpful it can be at training you how to step back from a situation and watch, rather than jump in and react. And when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety, practicing mindfulness and not thoughtlessness creates just enough of a gap between thought and action so that you can make sure to make decisions based on your (and others) highest good.

Louisa Wilkins from Gulf News pens this latest post meant for anyone looking to cultivate more mindfulness in their lives. From being mindful while parenting and breathing,to consciousness around one’s goals and relationships, Wilkins outlines 10 exercises sure to get you more focused on the moment.

4. Be mindful of … the moment

The concept of mindfulness stems from the Buddhist practice of mindful meditation, whereby a person uses meditation to focus their mind on the present without judgement of themselves. Mindful meditation is thought to reduce stress and anxiety and is often prescribed for people suffering from depression and mood disorders.

Be present: Helen Williams, counsellor at LifeWorks Counselling and Development (www.lifeworksdubai.com), says, “Take one deep breath and pay attention to yourself in that moment. Scan your body. Become aware of your posture, how you are feeling, what you are thinking and, as you breathe out, relax and soften into the moment. Afterwards, attend to the needs you noticed during your body scan… for example, drink some water, or relax any muscle tension you felt. Try to do this with one deep breathe at regular intervals throughout the day to bring yourself into the present moment. It’s a great habit.”

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