20 Tips For Beginning A Meditation Practice

Lists are good. Why? Because they allow the human mind to do what it does best, think. That and cross things off once completed. When it comes to meditation, however, a checklist might not be the best thing for you to focus on. That said, for beginning meditators, a reminder list could prove to be helpful in the long run.

Ray Baskerville in this Intent post, discusses 20 tips to help both beginning meditators start a meditation practice and more seasoned meditators the opportunity to reality check the practice they have already begun. According to Baskerville, top on the list is to make it a formal practice. In doing so, you stand a better chance at making it a habit. Others include:

4: Pick a specific location in your home to meditate. Ideally the place you choose will be somewhere that does not have much activity at other times. Two reasons for doing this are, the subconscious is conditioned by repetition, so by going to the same place at the same time each day to meditate you can get in yourself to expect to meditate when you are there. The second reason is that when you meditate you begin to create a particular vibration in that spot. With time and meditation and place will become increasingly attuned to this energy of meditation, again making it easier for you to meditate when you are there.

5: Make sure your will meditation time is respected. if you live with others make sure that they understand that you are not to be disturbed while you are meditating. Equally for yourself make the same commitment, for example if your phone should ring, be aware of it and continue your meditation.

6: Create some representation of sacred space in your meditations spot. This should obviously be what is meaningful for you, maybe an actual altar with pictures and objects, or maybe just a special rug and your meditation cushion.

Read all of Baskerville’s 20 meditation tips to a solid practice here.

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