3 Helpful Tips For Meditation Newbies

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Gives Your Left Brain Something To DoWhen it comes to beginning a meditation practice, although it’s not uncommon for a new meditator to get overwhelmed with concerns over doing it right, the truth is, there’s no perfect way to practice meditation (hint: when you come to accept that, it tends to make the ride a bit easier and more enjoyable!).

That said, for all you new meditators out there, checkout this recent Finer Minds post for 3 tips on getting started with meditation. Top on the list? How to sit properly so you won’t get distracted by discomfort as you begin your journey into the unconscious.

1. Comfort is Key

Yes, the great masters and experienced students of meditation often sit in what’s called a ‘lotus’ or ‘half-lotus’ position during meditation. And they look so good, don’t they? They make it look easy to sit cross-legged on the floor, spines straight, bodies relaxed. But every time you try it, your knees ache, you back slumps and your mind feels anything but relaxed as your body demands at least a little bit of movement. If this sounds like you – fear not! You don’t have to sit like a master yogi for successful meditation. But you dohave to be comfortable. So if you’ve got a straight backed chair, a pillow to sit on or a wall to lean against, you’ll greatly improve your success-rate.

Keep in mind though – you don’t want to be so comfortable that you fall asleep! (Thus, beds and lay-z-boys are out, sorry). You want your spine straight, neck and shoulders relaxed and your limbs comfortable enough for a good, 10-20 minute sit.

Take a gander at the other two meditation tips here.

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