3 iPhone Apps To Help You Meditate

Meditation | Use A Meditation App To Create Peace And Balance In Your LifeIn case you haven’t heard, the Flip camera is no more. Why? Because iPhones have taken over not only the cellular phone industry, but the personal video camera one as well. That said, what else can these handy little devices be used for with all the thousands of phone apps available? Increasing your overall health and well being of course.

If you are looking for a meditation app, checkout this latest Psych Central post where they review 3 of them. According to Summer Beretsky, top on the list is the meditation app, Relax and Rest. Not only does it let you choose from three different meditations (Whole Body, Deep Rest, and Breath), but you can also listen to each one voice only, with nature sounds, or with just music. Rounding out the list are Equanimity and Relax Melodies.

1. Relax & Rest

2. Equanimity

I often compare using the Twitter and Facebook apps to sitting in a crowded marketplace. People are everywhere, hawking their wares, throwing hyperlinks at you, telling you what they had for lunch, and demanding your attention.

Equanimity, then, is like sitting in an empty room.

It’s a simple meditation timer with absolutely no bells or whistles. This is a feature, not a bug. Meditation is about focusing on the present moment, and it’s much easier to focus on the present moment when you don’t have unnecessary distractions. (Granted, the premium version of Equanimity has some neat statistical tools available so you can track the frequency of your meditation practice, but it doesn’t really interrupt the simplicity of the app.)

How it works: When you start up the app, you’re presented with a white circle. Click “Start Meditation” and you get about a minute or so to settle into your posture and begin to focus on…well, whatever you’d like. (Because these meditations aren’t guided, this app is best suited for folks who want to meditate in silence and/or are already comfortable focusing on their breath, body, surroundings, or whatever else.) A bell will alert you when it’s time to start meditating; then, you can get lost in the present moment for the duration of your choosing. A gong will sound when you’re finished.

3. Relax Melodies

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