3 Meditations To Help With Overwhelm

Many feelings are challenging, being overwhelmed is one of them. Not being able to think on your feet can present a problem especially when you need to perform. As with most “unacceptable” feelings, the key to staying connected to your center is to properly prepare so that when you are confronted you know what to do.

In this Livestrong article, three meditation techniques designed to help a person deal with overwhelm are explored.

The first meditation is the Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Meditation. A Kundalini based practice, it encourages a sense of peace. The second meditation is the Intuition Meditation. Its purpose is to restore a sense of balance. The practice helps people connect to and follow their sense of inner guidance. The final meditation is the Mantra Meditation. In repeating a word or phrase continuously, the brain is given something on which to focus so a person is more freely able to connect with themselves.

Mantras help you tune into your internal stillness. Select a favorite word or phrase to meditate on. Take a comfortable seated position and begin breathing deeply. Slowly repeat your mantra for three to five minutes, syncing it with your inhalations and exhalations. After 10 repetitions, begin to repeat it silently with your lips moving; after another 10 repetitions, repeat it internally only. Continue for up to 15 minutes, or longer if you wish. Take a few deep breaths to end the meditation.

Read more about how to practice these three meditations here.


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