3 Preparation Essentials To An Effective Meditation Practice

Whether you meditate to increase your brainpower or to better get to know yourself, there are three fundamentals that you should take into consideration when setting up a meditation practice: creating the proper environment, mindfulness in your posture, and setting an intention.

Susan Scott Morales’ Ann Arbor post reminds us that preparation can be just as important as letting go. In her article, Morales explains how creating a meditation environment with as few distractions as possible is imperative. To slip more easily into your practice, she suggests sitting in the same place each time you meditate.

Equally as important as your environment is your sitting position. How can you let go when you are concentrating on getting comfortable? The point to effective sitting is relaxation and an ability to sit upright.

Morales’ final point is about your intention. Not meant to fill you with expectations and possible disappointment, intentions help to guide your unconscious so you can set the stage to better get to know yourself.

You’ve read you can increase your brainpower or you want to enhance your sports performance. Perhaps your doctor told you it’s time to learn stress reduction. In yoga class you’ve become aware of the possibility of enlightenment, understanding your true nature or your purpose in life. Whatever your motivation, bravo! Meditation is an extremely effective change agent because you are looking within yourself.

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