3 Relaxation Techniques To Circulate Your Energy

Relaxation Techniques | Massage Can Provide Healing Energy Capable Of Relieving Stress, Anxiety, And PainFor those of us in the West, when it comes to getting a massage, most associate the relaxation technique with a spa-like environment complete with stream room and lavender scented pillows. What many don’t realize is that this healing practice in disguise, apart from relaxing your body, can actually have significant therapeutic benefits.

Checkout this recent Roxborough Patch post from Carol Haslam. In it, Haslam discusses three types of massage techniques designed to help send healing energy to afflicted areas. Included in her list is the Neuromuscular Technique (NMT), beneficial for people with longstanding pain, the Cranial Sacral Technique, a method that stimulates the production of endorphins, and the Myofascial Release, a massage technique that brings awareness to a person’s deep core issues.

This focuses not on the muscle tissue, but a webbing that exists in between the muscle fibers. Have you ever prepared a chicken breast or thigh for dinner? If so, you may have noticed that the meat has a thin, white, spider web-like substance layered in with the muscle. This is fascia.

The basic theory behind Myofascial Release is that the fascia within the muscle should be lubricated, but is often extremely dried out. This fascia can be effected just as readily (or more-so) than the muscle itself. The practitioner holds an area in such a way that healing fluids and energy come in and lubricate the fascia.

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