3 Simple Meditations To Jump Start Your Day

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Is Simple And EasyIf you’re a beginning meditator, often times it can be hard to know where to start. Suffice it to say, if you take a browse around the internet, you will more than likely come away with enough information to overload your senses. Unfortunately, the simple act of gathering meditation information might hinder you from actually meditating.

The truth is, there’s no wrong way to meditate. All you have to do to start is grab a meditation pillow and find a comfortable spot where you can sit for 20 minutes and practice some focused inward contemplation.

For those who need a couple quick and easy meditations, check out this Record Online post from Fran Sussman. In it, she outlines 3 meditations simple enough to do as a dedicated practice or when you don’t have enough time to formally sit.

Meditation is like taking a minivacation, a quick “reset” for your brain, body and nervous system. In our culture, most people do best with structured meditation, rather than trying to “empty” the mind.


You can do a meditation practice as simple as keeping a long, even count for each inhale and each exhale.

Try counting to six for your inhale, then six for your exhale. It should be easy, not forced or strained.

You may find your breathing slows naturally as you practice.


Say each phrase on an exhale, repeating four times:

For yourself; a loved one; for someone you don’t know well who needs it; lastly, for someone difficult for you.

“May I (you) be filled with loving kindness.” “May I be well.” “May I be peaceful and at ease.” “May I be happy.”


Focus on your breathing, and nothing else.

See if you can keep this singular focus for a count of 10 breaths. It sounds easy, but isn’t.

Each time you realize you’ve lost focus — and you will — simply bring yourself back to your breath and begin again, without blame or self-judgment.

Read more from Sussman on practicing meditation here.

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  1. Beverley says:

    This post if very timely for me as was only writing my own post earlier about finding it hard to meditate! What’s for you wont pass you as the saying goes :)