3 Simple Tips To A Healthy Mind, Body And Soul

What’s the secret recipe to ensure a person’s happiness? Although a difficult question to answer for some, the response isn’t as elusive as you think. Happiness comes as the result of a healthy mind, body and soul. While the answer to the question isn’t the hard part, for most, finding the path to that healthy state is what can prove to be most challenging.

In this latest Care 2 post from Ed and Deb Shapiro, 3 simple tips are discussed to help you take those first steps. According to the Shapiros, a healthy, mind, body, and soul occur as a result of proper eating, playing, and meditating.

Now don’t be thrown off by the eat part. Although I’m sure they would agree that a trip to Whole Foods can be beneficial, eating in this sense represents the searching, reading, learning, and absorbing that nourishes the mind. Combined with playing that helps us to laugh at our humanness and detach more fully from the ego, and a meditation practice that allows a person to listen to God, health can be just within your reach.

Meditation has been associated with everything from affirming ourselves as thin/rich/in love to visualizing ourselves bathed in white light to sitting cross-legged with closed eyes and doing nothing but contemplating our own navel. Yet meditation is none of these. Rather, it is both an experience of radiant emptiness, as well as the practice that enables us to see our limited and self-centered nature for what it is and to discover the depth and freedom that lies within us.

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