3 Tips To Tapping Your Creative Channel

For most people, the ability to tap into their creative source is important. Some call it their mojo, others their inspiration. Whatever name you give to the source of your ability to create, it’s vital that you have a set of tools with which to access it. And while many of us at some point experience “writer’s block” in some form or another, seeking new and sometimes interesting ways to tap in is imperative.

In this Pick the Brain post from Fred Tracy, the topic of how to tap your creative channel is explored. According to Tracy, not only is creativity a state of mind, but creativity comes when you do what you love. Also important, is a person’s ability to consciously manifest their creative state through techniques like meditation.

For example, I wanted this article to deliver a lot of value so I knew I had to be creative in how I went about writing it. Before starting, I closed my door and lit a candle. I then did a little meditation and relaxation. I visualized this article as being worthy of being read by many different people.

When I finally sat down at my computer, I felt a lot of positive energy surrounding what I was about to do. It was as if the words and sentences created themselves. I had channeled the creative state. This makes any creative endeavor you work on a breeze.

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