3 Yoga Techniques To Help You Relax

Now some might argue that yoga is anything but relaxing. Floating from one asana to the next for 90 minutes can be a challenging undertaking. Those who are in the know, however, appreciate yoga’s ability to help a person find their center regardless of challenge. It’s kind of the point. Facilitated by the breath, yoga if done with an intention to find that “quiet place inside,” can ironically prove to be one of the most relaxing meditations a person can do.

In this latest post from the Aura Wellness Center, Gopi Rao explains how variations to three yoga poses can help a person to relax. Using a combination of muscle tightening and release as well as the breath, Rao explains how the space opens for a person to begin to witness their mind and body.

The deep relaxation technique works by stimulating parts of the brain with physical movement. The body is relaxed part by part starting at the toes and moving all the way up to the scalp and actually the brain. The subconscious mind begins to surface when the process of mental relaxation affects the whole surface of the brain, harmonizing the brain waves.

You will begin to float between consciousness and deep relaxation. You are then a witness to your thoughts, breath, and body. You can remain in this witness state as long as you choose…

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