4 Breathing Techniques To Help You Sleep

All of us at different times in our lives have difficultly with sleep. Whether some emotional issue causes you not to be able to fall asleep or pain prevents you from staying asleep, unfortunately (as Murphy’s Law would have it), a lack of sleep only exacerbates the issue.

For those who prefer a non-medication approach to the sleeplessness issue, this post from Livestrong might be helpful. In it, 4 breathing techniques are explored as a means to assist with relaxation in the hopes of promoting sleep. A meditation approach of sorts, the relaxation techniques focus on purposeful breathing and an awareness of the body. Most important is that a person take their time when completing. Remember this is about slowing down and not doing it right.

Lie on your back and relax your entire body. Inhale slowly through your nose, filling first the lower section of your chest, then the middle, then the upper part of your lungs and chest. Do this very slowly over about 10 seconds. Hold the breath for just a few seconds and then quietly exhale. Rest for a moment and then repeat. Imagine yourself in a peaceful place like on the beach throughout this breathing technique.

Read more about these breathing relaxation techniques for sleep here.

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