4 Meditation Practices To Cultivate Peace

Meditation | Peace Within Is Found Using MeditationIf you’re anything like me, your feet are moving before you even get out of bed. Between walking and feeding the dog, balancing the checkbook, watching the news, and having something to eat plus getting dressed, an ideal zen moment is not only not within my reach, but frankly it’s the last thing I’m thinking about. That said, when I can catch myself and how non-peaceful I am experiencing myself and the world around me, by choosing to sit in meditation for even 5 minutes tends to bring that sense of peace back into my awareness.

Checkout this recent One India post from Priya Devi R on 4 simple meditation practices intended to bring peace back into your life. According to Priva, peace is inherent, meaning everyone has access to it. The trick is to find creative ways in which to tap into it even in difficult situations. Two of Priva’s meditations are below.

Meditation techniques to stumble upon peace

1) While concentrating on an object, like a deity, the flame of a candle etc can reduce the rush of thoughts to one single thought, the object of meditation. Such practices leads to peace in the long run. However meditation happens to be the inner peace, the experience that arises out of such activities.

2) Stumbling upon peace in itself, is one of the powerful yet simple meditation techniques to experience a prolonged state of peace. This is much more simple, though looking complex,when compered to concentrating on objects. The object meditated is fleeting and does not remain steady throughout in the mind.

Stumbling upon peace is simply invoking the peace experienced before; a feeling of fulfillment and peace that one had experienced while looking at river, or while feeling the brush of a gentle breeze against one’s face, the sudden suspension of thoughts in a peaceful atmosphere etc to mention a few.

Read more about using meditation to invoke peace in your life here.

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