4 Simple Paths To Finding Inner Peace

Even the most fanatical of people when you get down to it, desire to have some form of inner peace. Although they might believe that peace comes when the outsides are just right, serenity is a state sought by all.

According to this Gaiam post, although we live in a world riddled with distress, by following 4 simple paths, although it might not guarantee inner peace, at least we know we are heading in the right direction.

The first path is to meditate. The reason? Meditation gives us an excuse to not focus outward but rather, to turn our attention inwards and cultivate that extremely important relationship with self. Doing good to others and positive thinking follow to help a person with compassion and negative thoughts. The key in all of it, however, is to find your purpose.

Step 4: Find your purpose

To Peace Pilgrim, a spiritual teacher who walked across the country for peace, finding purpose is an essential part of finding inner peace. When you find your purpose, you find what drives you and what motivates you. By doing this, you do what you are meant to do, and you are able to form a sense of connection with the universe knowing that you are fitting in with some grander plan. This leads to fulfillment and happiness, according to Peace Pilgrim.

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