4 Steps To Balancing Your Chakras

Chakras | Use Chakra Meditation To Harmonize Your 7 ChakrasMost people are aware of the 7 major chakras that are found within the body. Beginning at your base and ending at the crown, these 7 chakras form the energetic basis of your security, power, relationships, love, truth, insight, and enlightenment.

When the chakra system is in balance, harmony occurs. Out of balance, problems can arise. What most people don’t know is that there are over 80,000 minor chakras also found within the body. The question arises, how the heck to keep them all spinning at an optimum level?

Carol Tuttle has an amazing website that deals with the 7 chakras and chakra healing. Checkout her recent article on why it’s important to keep this energy system in balance. According to Tuttle, if you can keep the seven major chakras under control, the minor ones tend to follow.

Below are her four tips to help keep your energy flowing smoothly.

  • Before you approach the process of balancing from any other perspective, you must “clean up” your lifestyle. That means you need to start being more serious about eating a healthy diet and avoid the common trappings of engaging in unhealthy lifestyle choices. For example, you do not want to live a sedentary lifestyle as this will not improve your health at all and it certainly will not contribute to any level of chakra balance.
  • Your state of mind will also play a vital role in the potential for enhancing chakra balance. Those suffering from depression or anxiety will not likely attain balance in their chakras. Now, there are no simple solutions to dealing with issues related to such mental health issues. However, you can take very simple steps to reduce antagonizing such states of mind. This means you do not want to invest in any activities that make such mental states worse as this would never be a wise plan. Contributing to those factors that undermine healthy balance is hardly the right course of action to follow when seeking to maintain balance in the life sustaining and enhancing chakras of the body.
  • Daily meditation is a must when you want to maximize the potential to enhance the power of the chakras. Meditation will frequently aid in reaching deep down into the chakras and correcting problems that exist. Is this a process that can happen overnight? No, it most certainly is not a process that is even remotely that expedient. That said expedience is NEVER the sought for goal. Rather, you must take the basic steps to perform regular meditation and then attain the desired results that come forth from such practice.
  • Try and determine the cause of the imbalance. Once you learn or perceive what would be the cause of the imbalance you can then take the steps needed to correct the imbalance.

Read more from Tuttle on the chakra system here.

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  1. Kane says:

    80,000 minor chakras in the body? There are so many!

    According to your article, I think chakras are very important to our health. Thanks for sharing.