5 Excellent Ways To Find Peace And Serenity

Meditation | Practice Meditation During Rush Hour TrafficWhen it comes to peace and serenity, everyone has their own ways of going about cultivating this much sought after state. Let’s face it, in order to achieve optimum health, key is to rid oneself of stress and anxiety. And while it might be easier if you were a monk practicing meditation on top of a hill in India, the truth is, most of us need to learn how to find peace and serenity while driving down the freeway during rush hour traffic.

Mallika Chopra offers 5 sure fire ways to achieve serenity in this latest Huffington Post. According to Chopra, anchoring one’s thoughts with intent and changing negative dialogue can be helpful in cultivating serenity, as can watching peaceful images and practicing meditation and breathing exercises.

“I am” Breathing Exercise. You can do this any time, any place (even when you are stuck in traffic). Its a simple breathing exercise: Every time you inhale, mentally say the word “I”; and every time you exhale, mentally say the word “am” Pay attention to how the breath flows in and out of your body, and visualize the breath spreading from your lungs through your chest, down your arms and legs. The “I am” breathing exercise is meant to remind you that your true self is empowered, in control and creative — you not bound by your job title, your income, your age, your appearance or anything else.

Read more Chopra on how to cultivate serenity through meditation and other simple and easy techniques here.

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