5 Meditation Myths Debunked

As with anything decent that has stood the test of time (well at least a few centuries), meditation has its share of myths. And while most of these myths are more modern in nature, for all those beginning meditators out there wanting to do it right, this one’s for you.

Following, is a post courtesy of Dr. Oz’s Health and Wellness site that does at good job at setting the record straight. According to Oz contributor Donna Cardillo, while the belief that sitting in lotus position is the only way to meditate comes in at number 1, equally as false are ideas like meditation is boring, meditation and relaxation are the same thing, no one has time to meditate, and that you must have a clear mind to meditate.

Myth #1: The lotus position is the only way to go.

Myth #2: If I don’t clear my mind of all thoughts, I’m not meditating.

The goal of meditation is not to have a blank mind but rather to focus your mind and slow down the multiple random thoughts that cause stress, confusion and overload. There are different practices you can try to keep your mind focused on the present moment as opposed to thinking ahead or reliving the past. Examples include counting while you inhale and exhale or using a mantra – a repetitive sound, word or phrase.

Myth #3: I don’t have time to meditate.

Myth #4: Meditation is just another word for relaxation.

Myth #5: Meditation is boring

Read more from Cardillo on debunking meditation myths here.

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