5 Quick Meditation Benefits

Meditation Benefits | Practicing Meditation Releases Previously Untapped Internal ResourcesMost beginning meditators need a little push to get started. I mean come on, who initially wants to change the entire way they view themselves and life in general? Although meditation can be a somewhat scary proposition, the truth is, you’re reconnecting to elements of yourself that were forgotten about long ago (among quite a few other things). By doing so, you not only allow yourself the opportunity to utilize those previously untapped energy sources, but also come to meet the world in a much more clear way.

Checkout this recent Yoga Teacher Training article from Faye Martins on the benefits of meditation. A no frills post, Martins provides 5 pluses to practicing the alternative healing practice. Below are her top 3.

1. Reduces Stress

It is well-known that a low level of stress is the key to a happier mind and healthier body. Meditation and proper breathing can help lower stress by clearing the mind and calming the body. This leads to a healthy heart and blood pressure. Meditation allows you to take a break from the world around you and keep things in perspective. It also helps you become more resilient to negative emotions.

2. Improves Clarity and Strength of the Mind

Practicing meditation brings better focus to the user. It also leaves the mind open for embracing new experiences, leads to better self control and concentration, and helps the user become better in touch with their inner selves. It also brings the user an inner sense of peace in their everyday lives.

3. Leads to Better Sleep

When used before bed, meditation can help the user clear the mind and get a better night sleep without being bogged down by the worries of the previous day. Better sleep can vastly improve health and leave a person much better suited to handle the stresses of the day.

Read more from Martins on the benefits of meditation here.

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