5 Relaxation Techniques For People On The Go

If you are like most people, your time is more than valuable. And with all the things that you need to accomplish in any one given day, it’s no surprise that time normally set aside to practice self care exercises, like meditation, is the first item on the list to go out the window. Therefore, either one of two things need to change. Either you are going to have to talk to the powers that be about granting you longer days or you are going to have to find more creative ways to pay that intimate attention to yourself while still finding the time to get all that you need to do completed.

Lindsey aka Joy for Life pens this latest Opposing Views post about 5 simple relaxation strategies ideal for people on the go. According to Lindsey, top on the list is learning to walk with intention and remembering to breathe! It’s crazy when you actually pay attention and notice just how often you hold your breath. No wonder you aren’t relaxed. Following are Lindsey’s tips.

1. Breathe. We forget this. Breathing long, deep, yogi breaths can happen anytime, anywhere. Inhaling allll the way up from our belly, into our chest so our ribcage expands, even up to the roof of our mouth. Then our exhale drops down, all the back down to our bellies. This kind of breathing comes naturally to us when we let our nervous system relax fully. And–bonus–when we adopt this kind of breathing we help our nervous system relax.

2. Walk with intention. Anywhere we go, we can make the trek into a walking meditation. Using our senses as we walk is a classic yoga meditation practice. Tune into what you can see, or hear, or smell, or feel, or taste as you walk.

3. Move your body.

4. More than mantra.

5. Expanding our definition of yoga.

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