5 Tips For Developing A Meditation Practice

I’m hearing beginning meditators cry, “Enough, no more information. I just want to meditate.” A comical thought, yes, but true. There is a lot of meditation information available. That said, information to help to right-size your expectations and prepare you for a solid practice can prove to be invaluable in the long run.

Take this post from Susan Piver who outlines 5 suggestions for building a meditation practice. According to Piver, it is important to not only be reasonable with your goals and be consistent in your practice, but also should you decide to make meditation a part of your life to connect with a meditation instructor. Oh yeah, and remember to sit straight. Equally as important says Piver, is to study and practice.

They say that practice and study are like two wheels of a cart. With only one wheel, a cart just goes in circles. So while it’s very important to actually practice meditation, it’s as important to understand the underlying point of view. Most of us lean toward study or practice. So if you prefer “study” (i.e. learning about meditation), add some doing to the mix. If you prefer doing, add in some learning. It’s as simple as reading a few pages from a book about meditation before you sit.

Read more about Piver’s meditation suggestions and her Open Heart Project here.

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