5 Tips To Keep Your Meditation On Track

Meditation | Meditation Leads To A Happier And Healthier LifeThe truth is everyone is busy. A bigger truth is that if more people practiced meditation, they would lead happier and healthier lives. Despite that fact, more often than not, most people forgo a daily meditation practice and instead opt to place their focus on accomplishing that seemingly never ending list of chores to derive happiness.

I’m not saying that completing tasks isn’t important. I’m just pointing out that you might find your spirit and outlook a little more positive when undertaking those things if you spent some time first reflecting on that ever important relationship with self.

Deborah King, in this latest Huffington Post, suggests several meditation tips directed toward those of us accustomed to a life of “doing.” According to King, meditation is a relatively simple undertaking that begins with only a few minutes a day. Below are three of her five tips.

  1. Make it the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up, before you leave the bedroom, before you check your email or your phone or the kids. Even 10 minutes of meditation in the morning will put you in a much calmer and more spacious place, and the rest of your day will go so much more smoothly.
  2. If you find yourself totally frazzled in the late afternoon, give yourself another 10-minute meditation break. Be creative. You can close the door at the office or appear to be snoozing on public transportation, just be sure no one will startle you. Since the meditative state is separate from our regular waking state, if we’re startled out of it, we’ll feel disjointed or get a headache.
  3. Protect your meditation space as much as possible from disturbances. Pop on some noise-cancelling headphones to avoid nearby conversations, and put a “do not disturb” sign on the front door for the FedEx guys.

Read more meditation tips from King here.

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