5 Ways To Develop A Good Meditation Practice

For any beginning meditator, it’s not only important to educate yourself about the ins and outs of meditation, but in doing so, to develop habits that will help you to consistently use what you learn. Sure there’s the meditation pillow and the candle, both items which are invaluable when it comes to comfort and focus. But what about the importance of where you sit and knowing what to do when those pesky thoughts start to invade your solitude?

Living By Design has a great post that addresses all of these pre-meditation topics. According to the article, not only is it important to stretch before you sit, but also that you give yourself freedom when it comes to time and that restless and relentless thinking machine on top of your shoulders.

It’s practically impossible to think of nothing, the secret of meditation is to let thoughts float by without giving them your attention. Your mind will wander, that’s OK, just keep bringing it back to awareness of your breath, try focusing on the sounds of your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Practice keeping still and quiet and, though you can’t silence your thoughts, you can hush them for a while and slow the swirling winds of your mind into a contemplative breeze for just a few minutes…

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