6 Compelling Reasons To Give Meditation A Chance

So let’s say you are on the fence when it comes to starting a meditation practice. Despite the current scientific research that meditation can help reduce your anxiety and stress as well as lower your blood pressure and increase the amount of grey tissue in your brain, you still doubt. That’s ok, meditation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Checkout this latest post from Do Something Cool. In it, not only are the top 6 reasons given as to why you should meditate, but a step by step process is outlined to help beginning meditators feel comfortable in starting their practice. According to the article, key to meditation is a person’s commitment to practice.

Through meditation we can relax our minds to improve our mental health. There are also many physical benefits to meditation.

1. Improved concentration

2. Better health

3. Self exploration

4. Improves mood

5. Feelings of rejuvenation

6. Relaxation

Meditation takes practice so you’ll need to do it every day. Over time you’ll be able to better control your thoughts or even stop them altogether. Since our mind is used to the complication and noise thoughts provide, it could take some time. However, once you learn how to silence your mind, you’ll realize that you no longer have to be held back by them..

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