6 Natural Relaxation Techniques To Calm You Down

Meditation | Use A Natural Breathing Meditation To Cope With Stress And AnxietyLet’s face it, sometimes the word seems just a bit overwhelming. So much so that many of us would rather go back to bed than step out the front door. Fortunately, not wanting to face the world isn’t due to some horrible character flaw. Rather, more often than not, the desire to pull up the covers is due to an inability to relax enough to do the next indicated step.

Checkout this latest Amerikanki post from Anna Johnson. In it, Johnson outlines 6 simple and easy relaxation techniques meant to help those of you wanting to call it a day the means by which to refocus, relax, and calm down. Number four on the list? You guessed it, practice meditation!

4. Deep breathing exercises can work wonders

When we are stressed out we tend to hold our breath and pull inwards, tensing up. Oxygen intake has a calming effect on our bodies so these exercises can help. Practice visualization and meditation for the full benefit. Put yourself in another place and time, all the while concentrating on the inhaling and exhaling process.

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