6 Tips To Healthy Slumber Tonight!

Meditation | Use Meditation To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and DepressedMost Americans (and I would think people from all over the world) have way too much going on. With all the gadgets, traffic, peer and societal pressures, it’s no wonder that for many of us the sandman can be elusive the majority of the time. Unfortunately, when someone is unable to adequately rest, restore, and rejuvenate during the sleeping hours, stress, anxiety, and worry can build up leaving a person feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Enter meditation, relaxation techniques, and a smart approach to sleep.

In this Yoganonymous post, Julia Winston gives us 6 quick and easy tips to help not only ensure that the monkey mind doesn’t get a hold of us, but that we get a good night’s sleep. Here’s the list:

1. Distance yourself from electronics at least one hour before bed.

I love my instant Netflix and my Android, but I’ve noticed that if I put these neon, flashing toys away at least an hour before bed and give my head space time to wean off technology, I generally ease into sleep more restfully.  TV, the Internet, and smart phones set our minds abuzz with lights, ideas, and new information.  This can be great during the day when our brain waves are active, but it can be a source of agitation for a mind that’s trying to wind down.  Let’s get back to our roots, people!  Before bed, books are best.

2. Tidy your room before you get into bed.

3. Keep a notepad by your bed.

4. Avoid Eating before bed.

5. Hot tea and candles and baths, Oh My!

6. Do some Restorative Yoga Poses & Breathing Exercises

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