6 Tips To Meditate More Effectively

Meditation | Meditate More Effectively By Following Simple StepsMeditation doesn’t have to be hard. Although for some, it might feel like the practice is next to impossible, in reality what we’re really talking about is sitting your butt down and turning your attention inward for around 20 minutes. And while this type of focusing isn’t all that familiar in Western Culture, it’s like your mom said, “at the end of the day, it’s between you and you.” At least that’s what my mom said.

Andrea Manitsas pens this Organic Authority post on meditation and 6 tips to help a person learn to meditate more effectively. According to Manitsas, although stress comes at us from all angles these days, meditation can help to counter the attack. The trick is to become less frigid in our approach. Her tips aim to warm the meditation waters. Below are her top 3.

1. Start slow, and pick a time. Schedule your meditation into your day as you would exercise (think; mental exercise). Fifteen minutes of meditation when you wake up is an excellent way to start a day, and start your practice. Plus, you can literally roll out of bed and into your meditation before your mind has had a chance to start rolling. Generally, you may want to err on the side of an earlier time, for nighttime could send you into an early slumber.

2. Sit on something. For many of us, sitting is in-and-of-itself uncomfortable. Invest in a meditation pillow or designate your favorite blanket or pillow as a cushion for your bum. Sit crossed legged with just your hips elevated on the blanket, pillow or cushion. If sitting is excruciating, you may consider adding a little yoga into your life to prepare your body for sitting in meditation. It could also prepare your mind.

3. Create a sacred space. We’re not saying you need a spare meditation room, but let a corner or spot in your home be the special place you’ve chosen and cultivated to meditate in – your oasis.

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