6 Tips To On The Go Mindfulness Meditation

When it comes to a daily meditation practice, many people have a special place, their special meditation pillow, and a special candle. But what happens if that’s not you and in fact you’d rather die than find time to actually sit still for more than 5 minutes? While a whole other post could be dedicated to that topic, the focus of this one is on how a person can make anything they do an exercise in mindfulness.

Psychotherapist Karen Kissel Wegela, Ph.D., in this Psychology Today article, offers a solution to those people who believe that meditation really isn’t meditation without a formal practice. According to Wegela, mindfulness can be practiced without meditating. In using her six tips, Wegela helps people to let go of distractions and get into the moment no matter what they are doing.

1. Paying attention to the moment-to-moment details of experience
2. Paying particular attention to the body and one’s experience of it
3. Recognizing the experience of mind and not getting caught in memories of the past or plans for the future
4. Trying neither too much nor too little
5. Letting go of distractions and paying attention to the present moment
6. Noticing one’s experience without judging it

Read more from Wegela on how to practice mindfulness without doing a formal meditation here.

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