7 Basic Tips To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Meditation | Meditation Can Help You Feel Like YourselfNo one likes stress or anxiety. Why? Because not only do you not feel like yourself when you’re in an anxious or stressed out state, but a person who is anxious or stressed out tends to make decisions based in fear, rather than making choices that in the long run are in their best interest. As a result, anxiety and stress is merely perpetuated and a person wonders why they can’t get off the anxiety wagon in the first place.

As most people know, meditation is a good tool to help weather anxiety and stress. That said, checkout this recent US News and World Report for basic tips on how to handle those overwhelming feelings when they come up. Five of the seven are below.

  • Schedule 30 minutes each day to think about the things that are concerning you. Save your worry for those designated times. Think less about what will happen and concern yourself more with what’s happening now.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as muscle relaxation or deep breathing.
  • Get plenty of regular exercise and enough sleep.
  • Don’t abuse drugs or drink alcohol.
  • Restrict or eliminate caffeine.

Read the full list of tips to deal with your stress and anxiety here.

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