7 Compelling Facts About Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Benefits A Wide Range Of Physical And Mental ChallengesSure, meditation can help calm you down. It can even make you nicer when it comes to your intimate relationships. But for most of us, we take the reasons why meditation works for granted. Truth be told, however, who really cares as long as it works?!!

Riddhi Shah recently posted a slideshow for The Huffington Post on 7 fascinating facts about a meditation practice. Although some will probably be familiar to most, like meditation’s ability to increase brain plasticity and the brain’s grey matter (which of course benefits a person’s ability make decisions, focus, and remember things), meditation can also help those in physical pain or with sleep problems, as well as those suffering with complications from HIV and AIDS.

A 2008 study on HIV positive patients found that, after an eight-week meditation course, patients who’d meditated showed no decline in lymphocyte contentcompared with non-meditators who showed significant reduction in lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes or white blood cells are the “brain” of the body’s immune system, and are particularly important for HIV positive people.

The study also found that lymphocyte levels actually went up with each meditation session.

However, due to the small sample size — only 48 volunteers — it’s harder to draw definitive conclusions.

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