7 Simple Exercises To Balance Your Chakras

Meditation | Rebalance Your 7 Energy Centers With A Chakra MeditationWhile for some people, the idea that there are 7 energy centers found in the body is a little too out there, for others, however, the chakra system is a way for a person to find balance when it comes to issues like safety, love, insight, power, money, relationships, sex, and spirituality.

When these 7 energy systems are out-of-balance a person can experience challenges in these areas (and at times not know why). Conversely, when the body’s energy vortexes are “spinning” optimally, harmony occurs.

Self Growth takes a look at the 7 chakras and gives 7 simple and easy to do exercises that you can perform when energizing your chakras centers should you feel that they are out of balance. While the article suggests the laying of chakra stones and crystals, the exercises can easily be done, with similar effect, through visualization.

To heal your Chakras using crystals and gemstones, begin by relaxing on your back and tuning in to your energy centers. Pay attention to the location of each Chakra. Set an intention to be able to manipulate your energy even if you cannot feel it happening externally. It is happening.

Place a Black Obsidian stone upon your Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine on the tailbone. The Root Chakra corresponds with life in our physical, human bodies. It is our survival center and the place we operate from when we are afraid or feel we are in danger. Black obsidian is a grounding stone, a protector. It heals anger and fear by absorbing and dispersing it, leaving you relaxed and comfortable in your body. Feel the stone start your Root Chakra spinning as it grounds you in the beauty of your physical presence.

Pay attention to your Sacral, or Spleen Chakra, midway between your tailbone and your navel. This energy center corresponds with procreation, passion, confidence and our sense of self. Place a smooth, cool Carnelian stone upon the belly where this energy wheel spins. This multicolored, fiery stone dispels anger and jealousy; two of the traits that erode our confidence and our self love. Carnelian also heals auric wounds and other negative influences in our energy fields. Imagine this soothing stone washing away all of the negative influences that have held you prisoner in the past.

Slide your hands up to your Solar Plexus Chakra. This bright yellow source of light and dynamism feeds us our wisdon, our clarity and our ability to live and laugh with purpose and grace. Release this brilliant sunlight from within by placing a Citrine just above your navel. This positive stone fills you with cheer and radiance, sweeping away doubt and returning you to your place of strength and centeredness.

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